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A complete batching system

Shown here is the batching control panel only as the motor control centre was a separate installation locally installed.

Two settings for the initial and final water dispense into the concrete batch. Fully editable within the PLC screen.

3x aggregates, 3x cementitiuos materials, 2x addmixtures

This is the concrete plant control system we designed for a customer who wanted a semi-automatic concrete batching plant without the complication of programmable mixture recipes. There were three aggregates held in the bins, three cementitious material silos, two add-mixture pumps and two pumps for fresh and recycled water. The aggregates were dispensed on to a weighing conveyor system and then transferred to the loading head via a secondary truck loading conveyor. Separate weighing systems were used for the cementitious material, (via a second transfer screw conveyor), and the add-mixture into weighing hoppers also suspended in the loading head.

The system allows for any single one, or two out of the three, materials to be selected for dispatch in the order of choice. The first selected from the three available options is the first to be weighed off by the automation and then the second material is weighed off to the total weight required. Fully interlocked transfer conveyors then transfer the weighed materials to the waiting truck.       

Under the loading head?

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Cadman Electrical Systems have always had a close working relationship with our customers that we have built through trust, time and through co-operation with them. Usually, this begins with getting to know their current operation through servicing the existing equipment and breakdown call outs etc. As the relationship develops, we often find that our customer may ask if the current equipment could be improved in some way? 9 times out of 10, between us, we can find a way that improves the system but without costing the earth wherever possible! We are firm believers in evolution rather than revolution is a cost effective way to help our customers achieve better production values without drastic changes or new capital equipment expenses. We don’t mind if you buy secondhand, we can get it to work for you! Even if that means having to design something specially for you to do just what you want with what you have.      

Primary & secondary water

The display shows the currently dispatched quantity of water and the preset limits for both deliveries.

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Hmi display for the water content


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