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Article 2

Traffic light selection

Above each white illuminated selection button are an associated tri-colour L.E.D.

The first button pressed, lights the green indication and will be the first material to be dispensed by the automation.

 The second button pressed, lights the yellow indication and will be the second material to be dispensed by the automation.

The remaining button cannot be activated and so lights the red indication and not be dispensed by the automation.

Plant operator feedback

By observing the indications, the plant operator is constantly aware of the status of the automation and the order that the process will be carried out for him. As each of any two materials are dispensed, the remaining indication will turn from yellow to green and the other two turn red, indicating that one material remains to be dispensed for the current batch.

So by looking at the above indication example, Silo 1 remains to be dispensed and silos 2 and 3 are inhibited.

Both aggregates are still yet to be dispensed, in the order of AGG1 followed by AGG2. E.g. Sand followed by 10mm gravel.   

This is an example of a fascia plate design showing the relative positions of the instrumentation, logical layout for the plant control buttons and process indication.


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Simple operation

The plant operator has full control of the process just like any other manually operated system except in this case, the automation keeps a watchful eye on the order of events and thus prevents batching mistakes. All he needs to do is tell the system which material will be first and which will be second. Simply by pressing the white material selection button first or second. Thus giving a very natural feel to the control of the plant.

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